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Who we are and why we love what we do

YourTutor was founded over twelve years ago, with the idea that learning support should be universal, whether you live in Sydney or South Hedland.

Since then, YourTutor has delivered over one million online tutorial sessions, and now leads the digital education revolution in Australia with our brilliant and innovative education partners.  

Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable and ethical education support for Australian students – and we're delighted to achieve this via our partnerships with more than 150 public libraries, hundreds of schools and dozens of higher education institutions around Australia.  

YourTutor connects Australia's best and brightest educators to students during homework time - one-to-one help and confidence is only a click away via the YourTutor online classroom. At the beginning of 2015, we launched our new subscription service where families can sign up for their own account, making access to YourTutor available to anyone, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Today, YourTutor has grown to upwards of 30 employees, plus hundreds of tutors across Australia and New Zealand. In 2015 more than 100,000 students logged in for live tutoring assistance, and this year we expect to see even more, as more institutions and parents around the country join us in our pursuit.

Who are the tutors? Our online staff are the best local teachers and university experts. We make them run the gauntlet and only 1 in 20 applicants get through. It's a unique chance for passionate educators to provide vital study support all over the country - from Perth to the Alice to Bondi.

What about the tech? We have the ping-pong, puppies, and bike-racks required of any self-respecting Sydney tech start-up, together with decades of UX, design, coding, and teaching experience worthy of the country's highest-quality education service. We're proud to be here, and we’re proud of our people.

What’s in the future? Let’s build a national love of learning, support teachers, and help out parents everywhere who are trying to cook dinner and help a child with differential equations at the same time.

Thank you to all the tech-heads, teachers, and families everywhere for making YourTutor a force for educational and social change.

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