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The Daily Telegraph: Parents pike in science, maths (print)
Cairns Post: Homework, a lesson in true angst (print)

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Education Review: Study habits to help kids ace that test

January 2015
Surviving the first day back at school (video courtesy Channel Nine)

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Northern Territory News, Straight to the Top End of the class, 2014
Education Review, Online tutoring proves a hit, 2012
School Matters, Online homework centre, 2012
The West Australian, Student can access online tutoring, 2011
Campus Review, Tutors on tap, 2010
Education Review, Tapping into tutors in the classroom, 2010
3rd Degree, ECU doing it for the kids, 2009
Sun Herald, Help's a mouse click away, 2007

Industry leadership:

Submission to the Draft National Strategy for International Education - questionnaire by the Department of Education and Training. By Jack Goodman, CEO and Founder of YourTutor, Sydney, June 2015.

Library, community campus, learning hub: The community educational development challenge. By Jack Goodman, CEO and Founder of YourTutor, and President of Friends of Libraries Australia. Presented at “AUSLIB Beyond The Walls Public Libraries In Australia And New Zealand: Engaging Their Communities” Conference, Adelaide, 26 March 2015.

"The Unified Theory of Universities" or "How to build a bridge in 2015". Why Universities are making recruitment and retention the same student journey. Slide presentation by Jack Goodman, CEO and Founder. Presented at the Student Recruitment and Retention Forum, Sydney, 3 March 2015.

First year: It’s not what it used to be. How to respond to changing needs and expectations to protect your satisfaction and completion rates. By Merrill Atlas, National Director Tertiary Partnerships. Presented at the 2nd Annual Student Experience Conference, Royal on the Park, Brisbane, 9 December 2014.

Six reasons why public libraries should be the first stop on the NBN's roll out, Australian Policy Online, 5 January 2012. By Jack Goodman, CEO and Founder of YourTutor, and President of Friends of Libraries Australia.



Research and projects:

In progress for 2016: WSU College: Effectiveness of one-to-one learning help for tertiary students. With Western Sydney University School of Research and Higher Degree.

In progress for 2016: Evaluation by Macquarie University, for Australian Association of Independent Schools Independent Schools and the NBN: Transforming the Education Digital Supply Chain (TtEDSC). 

The Australian Library Journal. (June 2015). Library, community campus, learning hub: the community educational development challenge. Jack Goodman.

Interview with Jack Goodman, CEO and Founder YourTutor, in: Nelson-Royes, A. (2015). International Online Tutoring Institutions. In Why Tutoring?: A Way to Achieve Success in School (p. 108). London: Rowman and Littlefield.

University of Sydney, Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program, Compass. Boosting the University's outreach and engagement program for senior students within 30 select schools, and targeting indigenous students to provide one-to-one, anonymous expert help with homework and studies, online. 

Southern Cross UniversityHigher Education Participation and Partnerships Program, Stellar. Providing YourTutor to students in years 9-12 at participating schools for free improves the engagement and aspiration of students, increasing the participation rates of students from communities that are under-represented in higher education.

University of Western SydneyHigher Education Participation and Partnerships Program, FastForward. Aiming to increase students at Greater Western Sydney schools' awareness of pathways to higher education, and completion of Year 12, FastForward holds events throughout the year, and provides YourTutor to all students in the program.

Curtin University's Addressing Higher Educational Access Disadvantage (AHEAD) Program uses YourTutor to actively provide access to better educational resources for its students - regardless of their geographic or socio-economic background. Its focus is on building skills, confidence and career aspirations through providing resources such as YourTutor. 

YourTutor Online Homework Help Service: Evaluation for the State Library of Queensland, Market Research Report, 20 May 2009. Prepared by Footprints Market Research.



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