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Can you support students all day, every day, 168 hours a week?

For academic literacy, student demand is 24/7.

This means even the best university student support systems have gaps, often when help is needed most urgently - out-of-hours, late nights, weekends, semester breaks.

Let us help you, help them

YourTutor complements your existing student support with a personalised, live, online resource staffed exclusively by our proven experts.

We can help you cover crucial, out-of-hours gaps to drive retention, completion, and satisfaction.

When just-in-time can't come soon enough

Every night your students get stuck. They get frustrated, spend hours on one problem, and they give up. There are millions of these moments every night, when dissatisfaction escalates. 
With YourTutor, help is on-demand and personalised, from only the best experts in core academic literacy for first year subjects.

Because your students want choice and flexibility

YourTutor helps in more ways, to suit student confidence, capability, and local study times; so your students get what they need, right when they need it.

And universities need to see results, at-scale

Here's how YourTutor is supporting Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) at other universities.

YourTutor university student support


Even the best lecturers struggle to be on-call 24/7. YourTutor supports students' academic literacy and numeracy skills, so lecturers can focus on world-class course delivery.

YourTutor university student engagement


Whether connecting live, anonymously, and on-demand, or whether uploading a writing file for feedback, YourTutor lowers the barriers to seeking help and developing the skills needed to learn independently.
YourTutor university student resources


YourTutor is on-demand, no-appointments-needed support, so your students have access to the tools they need daily to increase confidence and drive capability for successful completion.

Small academic difference; big graduation gains

For students with First Year GPAs between 2.2 and 3.0, "small differences in academic performance correlate with meaningful graduation gains." (Education Advisory Board, published at InsideHigherEd.com)
That's also why YourTutor's mission is progressive, personalised improvement in skills and confidence.
Because a degree is a journey taken one day at a time.

University results tell the same story

"Students who use YourTutor do better overall." 
- Sue Kokonis, Academic Director, Swinburne Online
"With YourTutor, we can make sure our students get help the moment they need it, even nights and weekends, and our student satisfaction and completion rates reflect this."
- Professor David Battersby, Vice Chancellor, Federation University Australia
On average, students received 15% higher marks when using the service, than those who didn't.
- Swinburne Online

The linchpin to student success? The lecturer.


So it's just as well lecturers across the country know and trust YourTutor to support their students with academic literacy and foundation essentials.

Students have put more thought into their own work after considering the feedback from YourTutor. The quality and quantity of submissions I receive is higher. Now I require my students to pass a draft by YourTutor before submitting anything to me. It means I can focus on content rather than academic literacy. - Lecturer, Community Services

Personalised attention, at scale, for your students

Deputy CEO and Head of Programs, Frances Coppolillo talks about her students' feedback on YourTutor: patient and personalised.

Our goal: Success for your university, and your students.

Let us help you, help them.

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