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Can you support your students 168 hours a week?

In 2015, student demand for study support is 24/7. That's why the lecturer's attention and expertise are essential. That's why student services on-campus are indispensable.

But there are 168 hours a week, when students are off-campus, outside contact-hours, at home, at the coffee shop, offshore.

That's when we help.



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How it works

Every night your students get stuck. They get frustrated, spend hours on one problem, and they give up. There are millions of these moments every night, when dissatisfaction with their course escalates. 

With YourTutor, help is on-demand and personalised, from real, local, Australian and New Zealand experts in core, first year subjects.


The quality and quantity of submissions I receive is higher. Students have put more thought into their own work after getting feedback from YourTutor. Now I require my students to pass a draft by YourTutor before submitting anything to me. It means I can focus on content. - Lecturer, Community Services

I'm more comfortable with my studies now, I know I can get feedback as many times as I want. I can improve my own work more, whenever I'm studying. - First Year, Health Sciences
I work full time, YourTutor is available when I'm ready, so I can drop off a report at 2am then go to sleep, and then get an alert the next day that my writing feedback is ready. - Second Year, Engineering and IT
  • With YourTutor, we can make sure our students get help the moment they need it, even nights and weekends, and our student satisfaction and completion rates reflect thisProfessor David Battersby, Vice Chancellor, Federation University Australia
  • "Students who use YourTutor do better overall." - Sue Kokonis, Academic Director, Swinburne Online

Personalised attention, at scale, for your students

Deputy CEO and Head of Programs, Frances Coppolillo talks about her students' feedback on YourTutor: patient and personalised.

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