When you choose YourTutor, you don't choose one tutor.  Our network currently consists of more than 370 highly qualified tutors, and we'll match you with the right person at the right time, whenever you need help.  That's a big brains trust to call upon whenever you get stuck! Here's a selection of some of our most popular experts: 

Viet from YourTutor

Viet, B. Science (Maths and Statistics), GDip. Teaching (Secondary)

Students helped: 4,120+
Recent topics covered:  
  • Algebra - coordinate geometry.
  • Statistics - cumulative frequency.
  • Geometry - prisms.
He was amazing and very compassionate towards me.

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Christine from YourTutor

Christine, B. Engineering (Aerospace and Mechanical)

Students helped: 2,543+
Recent topics covered:  
  • Energy - using PE, KE and conservation of energy to find velocity.
  • Orbital rendezvous - explaining how a shuttle docks with objects in space.
  • Calculating mass of a product given mass of reactants.
Christine was extremely helpful and thorough. Excellent tutor

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Sean from YourTutor

Sean, Dip. Teaching (Secondary Science), GDip. Arts.

Students helped: 4,087+
Recent topics covered:  
  • Monohybrid cross - explanation of phenotype, genotype, dominance and punnet squares.
  • Conservation of momentum - discussion of concept and analysis of equation.
  • Interpreting a text - discussion of several techniques.
Experienced and helpful tutor gave some great advice. Sean knows what he's talking about!

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Emma from YourTutor

Emma, B. Science (Biochemistry/Psychology) (Hons), PhD Neuroscience.

Students helped: 1,373+
Recent topics covered:  
  • How to break down an essay prompt and build a strong thesis statement..
  • Effective search methodology for researching reptilian heart functions.
  • Discussion and feedback on a report linking adaptations and physiology to behaviour.
I had a great experience and was able to get helpful advice I wouldn't have picked up otherwise.

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Tim, B. Commerce, B. Engineering (Civil).

Students helped: 2,108+
Recent topics covered:  
  • Finding where lines intersect using simultaneous equations, using two point formula to find missing coordinate value.
  • Area of a triangle - Finding the area of scalene triangles.
  • Discussing why boiling away water leaves salt behind, how adding more salt/water could affect things.
One of the best tutors, it was great help and just made my day!!!

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Jemma, B. Commerce / B. Engineering (Hons).

Students helped: 1,243+
Recent topics covered:  
  • Differentiation: Finding the point at which the rate of change is equal to a given value.
  • Finding a definite integral of sin(2x), with a particular focus on the need to apply the reverse chain rule.
  • Piecewise functions: What they are and how to draw them.
Great tutor! Explained everything thoroughly with outstanding patience.

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Rebecca, B. Environmental Science (Hons).

Students helped: 1,376+
Recent topics covered:  
  • Spectrophotometers and standard graphs.
  • Mitosis and meiosis - trisomy and nucleotide bonding.
  • Redox equations - oxidation numbers.
So helpful! The tutor explained everything thoroughly and was very patient. I learnt a lot of new things and also answered my question! :)

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 Our subject experts are familiar with the curriculum in each state, as well as the proposed Australian curriculum, however they don't replace the important work done by teachers.  This means our experts don't teach content but they do give students methods and processes to ensure they understand what has been taught in school.


What a lovely experience - actually focused on how to tackle the question instead of just giving me answers.  At first, I thought it's another tutor website with tonnes of scripted lines and bots, I didn't give much hope to it - until I tried it today.  It's just like a tutor that helps you in every subject.  I will be using this more often, improving on my English skills and essay writing. I'm glad to be one of the students witnessing the turning point of future education.This will change the way parents think about online tutoring.

Year 12 Student, WA