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    The best thing about being a maths tutor is helping students to master the tools they need to get unstuck"

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  • Piecewise functions: What they are and how to draw them.
  • Finding a definite integral of sin(2x), with a particular focus on the need to apply the reverse chain rule.
  • Differentiation: Finding the point at which the rate of change is equal to a given value.
  • Related rates of change: Writing an expression using the chain rule in order to find a derivative.
  • Calculating a percentage increase in area. Writing and solving a set of simultaneous equations.


Why I love tutoring

I love maths because of the challenge and intrigue of using logic to solve complex problems. The best thing about being a maths tutor is helping students to master the tools they need to get unstuck - especially those "light bulb moments" where all of a sudden something clicks and a student understands the concept or strategy we've been working on."

Student feedback

Great tutor! Explained everything thoroughly with outstanding patience."
Excellent tutorial, very helpful and patient.  The tutor walked me through the steps in logical sequence without giving away the answer straight away, so that I learned at my own pace rather than being spoon-fed the information."
Very good she helped me a lot"
Great tutor!"
Very helpful loved how she worked with me."
Very detailed explanations."
Emma was fully committed to helping me with my question. Thanks so much!"
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