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  • Refraction - What happens to light in a prism when it hits at the critical angle for yellow light.
  • Gradient - Finding the gradient of a line using tan(angle) and getting exact values.
  • Trigonometry - Using tan=O/A to find an unknown length.
  • Simultaneous equations, gradient of line - Finding where lines intersect using simultaneous equations, using two point formula to find missing coordinate value.
  • Area of a triangle - Finding the area of scalene triangles.
  • Heating salt water - Discussing why boiling away water leaves salt behind, how adding more salt/water could affect things.

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Timothy was very helpful! I understand Science more now"
Helped me become familiar with a concept that I was very weak at"
He guided me thoroughly step by step so that I could understand the question which lead me to finding the answer"
Timothy is a great tutor, very thorough"
Very helpful, loved the diagrams, thanks!"
One of the best tutors; it was great help and just made my day!!!
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