• Viet, B. Sci (Maths & Statistics), GDip. Teaching (Secondary)

    In Mathematics, ideas are important and practice is essential."

Hi , I'm Viet


Students helped:

4,120 and counting

Recent topics covered:  

  • Algebra - coordinate geometry.
  • Statistics - cumulative frequency.
  • Graphing inverse functions.
  • Geometry - prisms.
  • Algebra - trigonometry: cos(-x) = cos(x)s.


Why I love tutoring 

Tutoring is an enjoyable mission to steer students' understanding in the right direction of thinking.

In Mathematics, ideas are important and practice is essential. Therefore, during each session, I strongly encourage students to have a go at the question to see how far he/she would approach the problem in their own way before giving out directive methods so that students can complete the solution themselves. By doing so, they will not only obtain the correct answers but also have insights into different techniques employed within the solutions.

Seeing students achieving something, even a little progress towards the answers is such a rewarding experience for me to continue pursuing my persisting interest in Education."

Student feedback

Tutor was patient and savvy and offered encouragement."
...stepped it out so well, simple and concise."
He was amazing and very compassionate towards me."
The tutor was straight to the point yet explained it well."
I like the tutors that are helpful and nice, which this one was."
Viet was an excellent tutor!"
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LIKE IT NOW I UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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