Free resources to dinomite your studies

Study planners, practice tests, essay writing prompts, school holiday dates and more - all free for you to use.  You're welcome!


High School practice worksheets

Free printable worksheets for students in Years 7-12, plus Literacy and Numeracy practice tests.


Primary School writing prompts

Practice writing prompts for students from Year 3-6, including creating writing, poetry, opinion pieces and newspaper articles.


High school student

Starting high school

Stepping up to Year 7 is a really exciting and scary time, but just a few little preparations can help make it a smooth transition.  Read our Year 7 Survival Guide.


NAPLAN practice tests

Our free, interactive quizzes help students get an idea of the types of questions they might get faced with in the exam.



Free motivational quotes

Motivational quotes cards are a powerful way to boost morale and motivation in a fun and creative way. Get your free cards here