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Diet and sleep tips for teens

Expert advice and delicious recipes to feed healthy minds and bodies.


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Do your kids ever need a boost in motivation? Do you look for fun ways to keep them inspired? You'll love this collection of quotes.


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How parents can support teens in Year 12

We all know that year 12 can be an incredibly stressful time for students. What we don’t always remember is that parents are often going through this journey as well and can feel just as stressed and helpless. Senior Clinical Psychologist at the University of Technology Sydney, Anna Wallace, offers her tips on how parents can support their teens through this time.

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How parents can help kids during exams

It’s not just students preparing for exams. Parents are on a roller coaster ride too. It's natural to share some of your child's anxieties as they go through this busy and often stressful period, but how can you be useful?
Here are some things to consider that will take the pressure off everyone.

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Why healthy sleep is vital for school success

Not only is sleep critical in the functioning of all body systems, scientists have found a distinct correlation between our ability to learn and process memories, and our sleeping habits. Studies show too little sleep can contribute to many physical and mental health issues, including poor ability to learn, depression, high blood pressure and disease.

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