English Exam Preparation

How effective are you at interpreting essay questions during exams? This test asks you to think about - and interpret - an essay question on 'The Great Gatsby'.

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Physics: Newtonian Motion

14 questions on Newtonian motion including: gravitational field, Newton's laws, pendulum motion, weight and mass, work done and potential energy.

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Biology Quiz:

Test your knowledge of Genetics including Punnet squares, DNA and cloning with this Practice Test.

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Mathematical Methods: Calculus

10 practice questions on Calculus from the Maths C (Maths Methods) national curriculum for Year 12.

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General Maths: Growth and Decay in Sequences

10 practice questions on sequences, looking at growth and decay.

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Specialist Maths: Vectors Quiz

10 practice questions on vectors from the Maths D (Specialist Maths) national curriculum for Year 12.

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Time and Place Practice Test

10 practice questions on Time and Place from the Maths A (Essential Maths) national curriculum for Year 12.

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