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Writing, grammar, punctuation, essays - we can help you master it all.

Here at YourTutor, we love language.  But whether it's your first, second, third or nineteenth language, English doesn't always come naturally - and that's when we can help.

Our English language experts will help you improve your writing, communication and literacy skills for life.  

Whether it's a short piece of writing or a longer essay, speech or assignment, simply send it to one of our dedicated tutors and within 24 hours they'll give you detailed feedback about strengths and weaknesses in your writing, with suggestions on how to improve.  

We support students of all ages and abilities, from primary school through to adult learners, and from native speakers to students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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Basic skills

Build literacy foundations with help in:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Writing structure
  • Essay introductions and conclusions

Proficiency and creativity

Become confident with your English skills:

  • Advanced grammar
  • Creative writing
  • Researching your topic
  • Interpreting a text

Advanced techniques

Special support for tertiary and adult learners:

  • Advanced essay structure
  • Correct referencing
  • Exam techniques
  • Support for OET and IELTS tests
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  • Hard question but she knew what to do! Wow...
    (Parramatta City Library Student)
  • Everything was basic and to the point. Maggie helped me realise a couple of mistakes I never noticed before in my English work. Thanks, I'm grateful.
    (Country Boarding Student)
  • My tutor for that session was very helpful. He helped me through the work without telling me word for word how to do it, but by letting me figure it out on my own with his guidance.  Awesome job :)
    (Mackay Library Student)

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