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Have you lost precious marks in essays because of silly mistakes?  Wish you could have an expert look over your work before you hand it in?

With our 24/7 Writing Feedback service, YourTutor helps you hand in your best work, always. 

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Can we write your essay for  you?

Sorry - no.  We want you to become a better writer, and to do that, you have to write.  We are not an essay writing service, but we can help you nail your written assignments by giving you detailed advice on:

  • Essay structure including your introduction, linking sentences, body paragraphs and conclusion.
  • Language choice: is it appropriate for the type of assignment you're working on - eg persuasive essay, speech, critical analysis or report?
  • Development of ideas including whether you've adequately answered the question.
  • Referencing: where relevant, we will advise you on your prescribed reference method. We review:
    •  APA
    • MLA
    • Harvard
    • Chicago
  • Grammar and spelling: Our experts will pick up any mistakes you've made and help you understand how to avoid them in future.

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How much does it cost?

Our new introductory offer allows you to receive 30 minutes of tutoring or writing feedback for $10.  Then, if you choose an ongoing subscription, the standard rate is $59 for 60 minutes per month.   More information on pricing.

We'll run a word count on your document and deduct minutes from your account depending on the length of your work, as follows:

Word Count Minutes deducted
0-1000 words 15 minutes
1001-1500 words 20 minutes
1501-2000 words 25 minutes
 2001-3000 words 35 minutes
3001-4000 words 45 minutes
4001-5500 words 60 minutes


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    Thank you. I feel I have improved my essay with your detailed feedback. I cannot recommend enough this service."
    Ann-Sophie, SCU student QLD
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    Made me so happy, I've worked so hard on this piece and to read someone saying these things makes me overjoyed "
    Imogen, Year 12 student